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Her Boss The Alpha

Her Boss The Alpha - K.S. Martin I love boss/workplace romances but the idea of an accountant being measured by her keystroking speed was preposterous. I cringed at most of the other unrealistic business-y plot points too. I've been an accountant / corp exec for over 30 yrs and the closest thing I can think of that requires key stroke speed is a ten-key (adding machine), and that would be incredibly archaic in today's business world since most people use spreadsheets. Historical romance readers like factual accuracy. I'm the same way with workplace romances. Just unable to bite my tongue with this one. Sorry.

Editing and formatting in need of a hefty overhaul. Not sure if the author put her paragraph breaks in the wrong place or if the formatting messed up, but the dialogue of person A followed in the very next sentence by the actions of person B in same paragraph followed by dialogue of person B in a new paragraph made it very difficult to read at times and understand who was doing or saying what or whose point of view we were in. I've had paragraph breaks get corrupted with my ebook files however, so that really might be a formatting conversion issue. Far too many missing words also messed up the flow.

I liked Jake's intensity though and I loved the term "soldiers of rush hour". Book was engaging enough for me to read in a single afternoon.

A KDP free read.