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My Fair Succubi (Succubus Diaries) - Jill Myles I think Jill really amped up the hotness factor in this one and fans of either Noah or Zane, Jackie's Serim and Vampire lovers/masters respectively, won't be disappointed. As usual, the humor is sprinkled liberally throughout, balanced nicely with a real threat that our intrepid succubus tackles with gusto. Loved the new guy, Ethan, though I wish I'd seen a wee bit more of his story near the end, especially after I'd become so fond of him. Also, I was worried sick about Ethel, Remy's housekeeper, but wasn't really told where she'd been after Joachim's rampage...or if I was, I missed it somehow.

Zane is the true hero of this book (after Jackie, of course) which is fine with me as his devious charm made him my favorite since book one (not to mention the Zane cover model for book #2 was gor-ge-ous). Noah's aggressive possessiveness in this book kind of surprised me as did Zane's selflessness (as compared to prior novels). However, the slight shift in their characters made Jackie's decision that much easier for her, so I understand the reason why she did it.

Overall, a very fun and sexy read and a worthy addition to the series. I'm glad Jill ended it somewhat wrapped up but still cracked open to further sequels, though I think she's moved on to a new paranormal series. I'd certainly read a fourth if she were to revisit the Succubus Diaries.

I received my free copy of this book from Jill's Goodreads giveaway.